Friday, August 25, 2006

No Rice for 30 days!

I asked a 10 year old boy "can you go 30 days without rice?" and he replied "No, I would die!"

At dinner tonight I refused rice and everyone had a fit. They said "you cannot eat food without rice!" My wife tried pushing rice onto my plate but I refused. I ate my dinner without rice and apparently I offended everyone. Later they said they made rice for me and it would go to waste. So I replied that I would it eat it plain. They yelled "You cannot eat rice plain!" and I replied "Watch me" and I did.

Then I said "Stop making rice for me. I no longer want rice." They could not understand what I was saying. My words were not making sense. How is possible someone does not want rice??!!

I said "For 30 days I will eat no rice". The boy said "But you will die!"

Let's find out what happens when you live with a Chinese family who eats rice at every meal and you refuse to eat rice. Let the experiment begin!