Friday, December 01, 2006

Movies! Movies! Movies!

Yahoo has the best site for viewing what's playing locally here in Penang Malaysia. I have 4 theaters to choose from but what is most amazing is the variety of movies I can see. American, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Malay, Indian and so on. Here is a sampling of the languages from the movies I have a choice from on this day.

Casino Royale - English
Deja Vu - English
Happy Feet - English
Ciplak - English
Cinta - Malay
The Red Kabaya - Malay
Nana Tanjung - Malay
Possessed - Cantonese
Heavenly Mission - Cantonese
The Battle of Wits - Mandarin
One Missed Call:Final - Japanese
Colic - Thai
The Host - Korean
Dhoom 2 - Hindi
Randu - Tamil

English, Malay, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Hindi and Tamil ... 9 different languages! Too bad I don't have the time to go see all of these movies! I think it would be really interesting. What I plan on doing is seeing Casino Royale again then probably either Deja Vu or Ciplak.

The plot of Ciplak seems more like a documentary than a movie. I don't know why anyone would want to pay go to see it which is exactly why I want to pay to go see it. Actually I'm interested in in the piracy issue in Malaysia. Piracy is everywhere. Here is the plot of Ciplak.

In a country such as Malaysia, piracy isn't just common: it's indispensable. Everything from clothes and shoes to CD's and video games are available in bootleg form. Piracy has allowed the underprivileged to afford over-priced sneakers, exposed the ignorant to the wonders of non-top 40 music and increased the cinema vocabulary of an entire nation through pirated DVD's.