Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Where does the water go?

Because the drainage system in Malaysia is open canals instead of closed pipes, it is easy to follow the water trail. When I use the sink or bathe, the water goes down a drain and into a small canal which leads to a slightly bigger canal then a bigger one and a bigger one and so on. But where is the final destination for the sink and bath water? I decided to follow it one day.

When bathing, the water goes down this drain in the floor.

The water empties into a small canal behind the house. This canal is used for sink drainage too.

That small canal for the house empties into this slightly larger canal shared by two homes and a restaurant.

That canal empties into a street canal shared by dozens of homes and restaurants.

That canal passes under the street.

when it reaches the other side, it empties into a stream.

That stream flows through a field.

That stream flows under a wooden bridge and into a larger canal shared by a few neighborhoods.

This large canal flows toward a larger canal.

This larger canal is shared by dozens of neighborhoods.

This large canal flows into a larger canal which flows under the road.

After flowing under the road it flows into a river.

This river flows by many homes.

The river flows under the main road in Teluk Kumbar.

Fishing boats docked on the mouth of the river into the ocean.

The water then empties into the ocean.

More fishing boats docked along the beach near the mouth of the river where the bath and sink water empties.