Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What has happened so far ...

  • I met Kelly online May 25, 2005. Kelly is Chinese, lives in Malaysia and is deaf
  • We chatted on webcam for a month and fell in love
  • A month later I moved to Malaysia to be with her
  • I've been here for 3.5 months
  • In 1.5 months on Dec 14 we will get married

I created this page as a blog but it wasn't chronological and my readers had trouble figuring out what was new so I decided to go chronological. Instead of making one big update once a month, I wanted to make smaller daily updates.

Now to answer your Frequently Asked Questions.

How do we communicate? I'm learning sign language. When I first got here we wrote notes 99% of the time. Now we use sign language 99% of the time. I still cannot keep up when she signs with her deaf friends but in time I will.

Am I working? I am doing what I've done since 2000. I'm creating web pages from home for a living. This allows me the freedom to work when and where I want.

Are we moving back to USA? That is the plan but plans change. We plan to live in Malaysia for a while since the cost of living is very cheap. I can save up some money and we plan to travel around Asia, Europe, Australia and who knows where else. Once I have a large sum of money saved up, we'll leave Malaysia but only time will tell where we will end up.

Where am I living? I live with Kelly at her parent's house. It's a crowded house with many of Kelly's sisters and their kids. I have my own room with air-conditioning where I sleep and work.

Do I like living in Malaysia?
No. It's a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live here. The tropics are too humid for me. I don't mind the heat. I lived in Arizona where it often reached 100F (38C) and I liked it but that was a dry heat and it felt good. I've lived in on the east coast of USA where it reaches 90F (32C) and 90% humidity and I hated it. Besides the humidity, this is a third world country and lacks the conveniences of a first world country. I don't like squat toilets. I also miss my normal diet. Over time I am adjusting though.


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