Saturday, November 05, 2005

No Dish Washing Machines

I have been to many homes here in Malaysia but I have never seen a single dish washing machine. So I asked Kelly if people have dish washers in their homes. She seemed very confused and eventually she said that she didn't know.

Next I asked the maid. She was even more confused by my question. It is as though they never saw a dish washing machine before.

So then I asked Kelly's sister Mimi and once again, total confusion ending in the same answer ... I don't know.

I was determined to find out so then I asked Kelly's sister Chu and she finally knew what I was talking about. She said that in Malaysia, people do not have dish washing machines in their homes. Only large restaurants have dish washing machines.

America has had dish washing machines in the home since the mid 1950's. It is now 2005 ... 50 years later and Malaysia is literally 50 years behind America in this respect. Amazing.

They do have space-age clothes washing machines though. I've seen nothing like it before. At the mall, I just see these cool looking washing machines and see nothing resembling the washing machines in America. These washing machines are very quiet unlike the loud machines in America.

As Malaysia moves from a 3rd world country to a 1st world country, they have the opportunity to leap-frog the rest of the world for example they are coming out with a smart card that will replace most of the cards they carry. One card will be their ID card, driver's license, passport, credit card, ATM card, toll-booth card, etc. It will carry their identification and have the ability to purchase things.

An all-in-one card with a smart-chip! America has nothing like this so in some ways they are ahead of many 1st World Countries.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm so.. I assume then the men = dishwashers?

Mon Mar 20, 09:10:00 AM 2006  

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